88: We Are All Creators With Miles Beckler

Today for our 88th episode, we will talk with Miles Beckler. Miles and his wife run a successful niche media company with authority sites in the spirituality and meditation space. Miles also teaches marketing for free on YouTube.

Miles and I met last year in Bali, and it started off innocently enough.

It actually started before he became aware of my presence. I remember sitting at breakfast at the hotel with my wife, and Miles walked by. I said to her “I think that’s Miles Beckler, he’s a guy I kinda know from the DC forums.”

He walked right past me. He must have been hungry.

Fast forward to the next day, and I am in an elevator with Miles and his wife Melanie. By this point, Miles must have been aware of my presence, because we strike up a conversation about the nomadic life. At the end, Miles says “You have a podcast, right? It would be cool to join you!”

And that, my friends, is when a star was born. Ok, not really. But we did agree tentatively to record a podcast together.

Of course, after that chance meeting I got to know Miles much better. I watched his talk on Facebook ads (it brought down the house), saw him give advice at a private mastermind group (it was incredible), and we even hung out at a pool party outside of Ubud and talked about life and business. Turns out we have taken completely different paths to arrive in a similar space. I was able to provide Miles with advice about speaking gigs and help plug him into the conference circuit. Plus a great travel hack with the Avianca Lifemiles program.

And Miles has encouraged me to build out several aspects of my launch funnel. His advice came at the perfect time, right before our big successful launch in November.

Since leaving Bali, I’ve become obsessed with Miles’ YouTube channel and all of the advice he gives out. I’m not sure there is a better resource to follow on the topic of building an online business.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Miles Beckler

On what it takes to succeed:

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On the online business path:

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On shiny object syndrome in marketing:

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