Episode 8: Oli Gardner

What does delivering a TED talk have to do with childhood shoplifting? It turns out that the two are more closely related than you think.

Oli Gardner never set out to be a marketer. In fact, for many years he hated marketers.

Oli never set out to be a public speaker, either, but that is going pretty well for him right now as well.

How did it all start?

You will have to listen to find out.

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Pursuit of perfection is what makes us successful

Marketing wasn’t Oli’s first career choice. As he tells it, it was more like his 15th choice.

Before that? He had a series of jobs that brought him to the point of starting Unbounce.

Oli wrote code, then got bored with it. Became a designer, got bored with it.

Every 6 to 18 months Oli switched job functions until the day started Unbounce. That was the day he became a marketer.

From that point on his competitive nature took hold. Oli didn’t want to be an average marketer. He wanted to be the best marketer.

Driven, competitive and inspiring all at the same time. Listen on to learn how he became a highly regarded international speaker, and how it was influenced by his shoplifting as a kid. Hopefully the statute of limitations has passed there.

My favorite quotes from Oli’s interview

On his perception of marketing before Unbounce:

I used to hate marketers Click to Tweet

On pushing yourself to be the best:

Whenever I do something new I obsess about being excellent at it - @oligardner Click to Tweet

On holding yourself accountable:

Tell people what you're going to do publicly, and use that peer pressure to accomplish great things Click to Tweet

On whether he questioned his choice to join and market Unbounce:

I never had any doubts about what I was doing, I believed in it and I thought it was the right thing to do Click to Tweet

On grabbing attention in speeches:

The only time you're hundred percent of people attention is when you begin Click to Tweet

On the importance of writing:

Writing is the biggest skill anyone can develop Click to Tweet

On his source of ideas:

My content comes from the inside - @oligardner Click to Tweet

On how to achieve success:

Pursuit of perfection is what makes people successful Click to Tweet

On the value of public speaking:

Speaking is not very measurable it is serendipitous Click to Tweet

On forming relationships in marketing:

Speaking has allowed me to create lifelong friendships with people from all around the world Click to Tweet

Oli’s advice to marketers:

Advice to marketers: Start writing immediately Click to Tweet

More advice:

You've got to challenge yourself. You've got to be ridiculous. Tell people what you're going to do, then do it. Click to Tweet

On risk taking:

Taking big risks is a way to empower yourself to be successful Click to Tweet

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