Episode 47: Outreach

One of the most exciting projects over the past two weeks is having one-on-one conversations with many of my Agency Course students. The new group of agency owners and freelancers taking my course are all really sharp.

The biggest conversation we have had is around lead generation and the sales process that goes with selling services. There are just so many ways to generate leads for a professional service business that each conversation ends up being really exciting.

It’s also helped me think back to the different sales tactics I have used over the years. I’ve pretty much tried them all and they have worked out to varying degrees of success.

I could do a whole podcast about what works great in sales and lead generation. But I don’t want to do that, because I would be representing survivor bias to the fullest. Meaning I would over-simplify things and make it sound easier than it is and pat myself on the back.

Also, I could assign all of this credit to tactics but that would have nothing to do with sales success. Most of the success is probably just dumb luck and market conditions.

It’s way more fun to talk about a bunch of crap that I’ve tried and sucked at. Or stuff I have tried that took a while to gain traction. So let’s do that.

The Top 10 Things I’ve Tried To Do In Order To Generate Sales That Didn’t Work Or I Gave Up Before Trying Or Ended Up Working Finally

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Quotable moments from this week’s Jeffisode

On not-being-an-expert-enough attitude:

There is no governing body on how much of an expert you are Click to Tweet
It's not about #experience. It's about #passion Click to Tweet

On setting expectations for the next conference you go to:

Instead of expecting a home run try making it to the first base. First. Click to Tweet

A dating advice that applies to lead generation:

Don't worry too much. It's gonna come along when you stop looking. Click to Tweet

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Jeff Sauer is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world. Formerly of Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA.