Episode 16: Phil Mackey

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Today for our 16th episode, we will talk with Phil Mackey from ESPN 1500 radio in my home state of Minnesota.

While getting ready for today’s episode of jumpstart podcast I was quite relaxed and cool. I knew this episode was going to be the opposite from my usual stresses when recording a podcast.

I didn’t need to stress about audio quality, equipment or making sure the guest knew how to use a microphone properly.

That is because Phil is a pro. After more than a decade of ‘behind-the-mic’ experience, Phil knows how to keep the conversation rolling, how to make the interview feel comfortable, and how to make sure there is no dead air in between.

Not that the previous guests were lacking, Phil just happens to have recorded more ‘on-air’ hours than all of my previous guests combined (me included).

And there’s something else that’s different about Phil. He’s not a marketer! At least not in the traditional sense.

He hasn’t worked for an agency or at an in-house position. He hasn’t had marketing in his job titles.

But you know what’s funny? His origin story sounds very familiar. Key to his success was hard work, great timing and a strong drive to elevate himself.

Phil may not be a marketer in the traditional sense, but he’s a successful person who has thousands of fans. Sounds exactly like a good marketer!

During his long and storied career Phil was the lead marketer of the highest value product he could grab a hold onto – himself.

As you will hear in his story, which spans from covering high school baseball games in rural Minnesota to chatting with some of the most interesting people in the world for his own podcast network.

I’m so happy with how our conversation turned out. There’s something refreshing about hearing the marketing journey from somebody outside of marketing.

Now it’s time to talk with Phil Mackey.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Phil Mackey

On being ready for each opportunity:

When a lucky opportunity knocks you need to be ready Click to Tweet

On standing out of the crowd:

What makes a difference between the good and the elite? The attention to details! Click to Tweet

On turning a failure into a success:

Each time you fail you actually learn a valuable lesson Click to Tweet
Embrace where you are and be funny about it Click to Tweet
Take feedback and incorporate it in the next thing that you do Click to Tweet

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