56: Traditional Brand-Building is Dead with Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton Interviewed on the Jumpstart Podcast

Today we talk with Phil Singleton, web developer and SEO firm owner and co-author of the book SEO for growth.

Phil came across my radar through some high quality outreach on his end, and he was a fantastic guest. One of the most natural conversations we’ve had on the podcast.

Since the past several weeks were what we call Jeffisodes focused on specific areas of growth marketing, I wanted to start capturing that same sentiment in interview episodes as well. So we focused less on Phil’s journey (although his journey is amazing!), and more on his insights. I think you’re going to like the way it turned out.

We hit the ground running and talked for a solid 20 minutes before the recording, about all kinds of different aspects of business, marketing and many other areas of growth. And we continued on for quite some time after the podcast as well.

And in between, Phil and I covered a lot of ground discussing brands, small business marketing, and the many ways to grow in 2017 and beyond. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Phil Singleton

Show up at the top of SERP and have social proof - you'll steal a lot of sales from the big guys. Click to Tweet
Next time you speak about your #brand use the word #audience instead. Click to Tweet
If you have no direct CTA in a traditional ad that points people to your website you're wasting a huge opportunity. Click to Tweet
Your #brand is how you treat people every day. Click to Tweet
You're only as strong as your worst experience. Click to Tweet
Everybody should be in the Review State of Mind. Click to Tweet
Tactics are tangible and strategy is nebulous. Click to Tweet

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