Project Planning Process – A behind the scenes look at our content plan

Project planning process

Today we are going behind the scenes of our project planning process for our 90 day content marketing challenge!

Creating 90 videos and blog posts in 90 days is the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken at Jeffalytics.

Fortunately, I have some pretty motivated teammates to help me get this done.

With a good team in place, the hard work becomes figuring out what each person is doing and when they need to get it done.

In this behind the scenes video, I’ll show you how we keep our team on track. We’ll take a look inside our project management tool, Asana, and give you an all-access view of our content plan.

Check out the video to see an inside look at project planning process for our 90 day challenge.

For those of you who prefer to read, I’ve outlined each step in our process so you can see how it all comes together. I’ve also detailed each team members role to show you how we delegated tasks.

Hopefully, this helps you with any epic content marketing projects you have planned.

Here’s our project planning process

Step 1 – Decide on a topic and develop the materials

Our topics are all stored on our 90 Day challenge content board inside of Asana. Before I start working on a topic, I review the content board to make sure our topic research is complete.

Next, I outline our topic. I map out the storyline and the subheadings for the topic. Then, I create the PowerPoints and visual aids that help viewers follow along with our videos.

Step 2 – Create the raw video

After I’ve outlined the topic, I jump on camera and start filming. This step is pretty straightforward. It’s just me on camera or a screen capture, talking through our topic.

Step 3 – Edit the video

Once the raw video is complete, I hand the video file off to our editor. He cuts out all my screw-ups and fixes our sound and color. After the edits are done, our video is uploaded to Youtube. The video is set to private until we’re ready to publish.

Step 4 – Develop the blog post

This is where the real magic happens. 😎 Our copywriters are responsible for turning each one of our videos into a blog post packed full of useful knowledge and resources.

Step 5 – Edit the blog post

After the draft of a blog post is complete, we move it over on our content board as ready to publish. Then another team member edits the content. Once we go through final editing, the post is scheduled to publish.

Step 6 – Prepare write up for YouTube, choose tags, optimize title

Before our video goes live on YouTube, we optimize our video titles for search. We also add our tags and our video description.

Step 7 – Schedule outreach, social media, emails, etc.

Once the video and post are live, we load our material into Buffer and schedule it to go out on our social media channels. We also draft an email for each of our posts and schedule the emails to go out to our subscriber lists.

Step 8 – You watch/read our content and share it with your network

This is the most important step! This is when you consume our content, and tell us how we’re doing.

Do you like our videos and posts? Then share them, link to them, and send us good vibes. If you don’t like our work, you send us hate mail and frowny face poo emojis.

But hopefully, you enjoy our hard work and keep following us!

Step 9 – Keep the energy going

90 straight days of in-depth content is a huge undertaking. It can drain your energy if you don’t keep it fun. Especially, considering we still have to run a business while this monster project is going on!

Our team stays in touch via Slack. We keep each other in the game, hold each other accountable, and support each other.

Team member project roles

Because we have a small team, we all do a little bit of everything. But, here’s how our main roles fit into our content production process.

Main Brain

The Main Brain is the person that has to come up with the material for each topic we select.

Doing 90 straight days of content isn’t easy.  You don’t have time to do month long case studies or stand-alone research projects.

You need an expert or thought leader in your content niche to provide the material that feeds the process.

In the case of Jeffalytics, that’s me. After all, my name’s on half the web address, so I get the burden of creating the substance for our content.

Operations and Technical Manager

Our Operations Manager is in charge of building out the project plan. It’s their job to make sure everyone is assigned tasks, and that those tasks stay on track. This team member also has to re-work projects and tasks when we run into roadblocks.

In addition, our Operations Manager makes sure all our tools and technology are working in harmony.

Video Editor

Our video editor has to make the Main Brain look good! Their job is to make sure the video content is cohesive and presentable.


By definition, these team members do most of our writing. They are tasked with researching our topics and writing our blog posts. They also write our broadcast emails, Youtube descriptions, and do our on-page SEO work.

That’s our complete project planning process, and our team structure for putting out 90 straight days of content!

Let us know what you think?

We feel confident about this process. But we can always make improvements. If you see a hole in our game plan, leave a comment, and let us know what we’re missin .

Share your project planning process

What steps are in your project planning process? Do you have a favorite project management tool?

Leave a comment below. Let us know how you make sure your content marketing stays on track.

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