81: Purge with Sujan Patel

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Today for our 81st episode we’re going to try something new in a couple of ways:

1) We are welcoming back our 1st repeat guest Sujan Patel
2) We’re not doing an actual interview, but more like a back and forth dialogue

Why are we repeating a guest? Because I though it would be a good idea for our 1st episode of 2018, Happy New Year!

Back in September of 2017 I met with Sujan in Austin at SumoCon conference, where Sujan talked about how he went through this process every 6 months to get rid of things that don’t give him personal or professional growth & satisfaction. He puts it all down on a PURGE list and he takes the weight off of his shoulders by eliminating unfruitful items.

I thought this was a brilliant idea, and then I asked Sujan if he would be willing to share the purge concept on our podcast.

The rest is, erm, well obviously, not history, I’d rather say… future!

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Quotable moments from our talk with Sujan Patel

On delegating duties:

If you suck at doing something - you should probably hire someone else to do it. Click to Tweet

On hiring properly:

Stop being a hero and hire a person to cover your weak spots. Click to Tweet

On branding:

As long as your #brand does not hurt you or misrepresent you - stop worrying. Click to Tweet

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