Episode 15: Samantha Noble

In today’s episode we talk to Samantha Noble, Client Services Director at Koozai and Chief Editor at State of Digital.

So if you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you know that everyone has a direct path here. Go to college for marketing, then become a podcast guest. It’s that easy, right?

Hahaha, of course not.

That was sarcasm, because careers rarely unfold this way. Many people start out as web developers. Others as writers.

Then we have people like Sam, who didn’t even go to college. The story of her journey into marketing is both unique, accidental and inspiring. But we will let her share that part.

One of the things that I enjoyed about our conversation was hearing about how Sam’s job in sales helped her develop profound skills that helped her as a marketer. Like empathy for her customer and real world split-testing for optimal sales conditions. No buzzwords, no tricks or technologies. She just wanted to sell more strawberries.

Your website visitor is not some number in Google Analytics. She or he has a face, an opinion, habits and a wallet. And they may or may not be in the mood for your product (or even deliciously fresh produce) if you can’t figure out how to get them through the whole funnel you proudly set up.

If you want to find out how can you use pieces of clothes to charm your future employer or how going to a pub can turn an introvert into world class VIP speaker – make sure to hear Samantha Noble digital marketing story. As a bonus you get to enjoy her irresistible British accent!

Can I say British? Is that the right term? I’m definitely becoming an anglophile after my trips across the pond, but I still do have so much to learn.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Samantha Noble

On networking:

Networking - the number one thing that helped me over the years Click to Tweet

On seeking employment:

Get a job that excites you - it's the place where you'll spend most of your time Click to Tweet

On mastering a job interview:

Don't focus on CV - impress by presenting live what you've DONE Click to Tweet

On establishing right kind of experience:

A sales job helps massively in understanding your buyers intentions and needs Click to Tweet

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