62: Serial Entrepreneur, Lifelong Learner with Sujan Patel

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Sujan Patel and I have a bit of a history in the past, but only met in person for the first time this year in Estonia. It would have been sooner than that, but we crossed paths in the air as I moved from Minnesota to San Francisco, and he moved from SF to MN at around the same time. But only one of us left Minnesota because of the cold.

Now we are friends, and I have come to really appreciate how driven Sujan is in everything he does. Driven is the biggest word I would use to describe him. Along with lifelong learner, and someone who just knows how to get things done.

Whether it is in his agency, his whirlwind speaking schedule or his budding Software as a service empire, Sujan has his mind focused on building a long and lucrative future.

I hope you enjoy hearing from Sujan as much as I did. Lots of valuable information here!

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Quotable moments from our talk with Sujan Patel

On hiring and keeping the right people:

Why would anyone want to stay at a company where majority of employees are unhappy? Click to Tweet

On keeping the right attitude in entrepreneurship:

Try something, fail, try another thing, fail again... that doesn't sound too scary, does it? Click to Tweet

On making better use of your time as time goes by:

If your last year's 'hard work' doesn't make you laugh you're not making a progress. Click to Tweet

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