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Are you looking to upgrade your skills this year? You should be - because that's what it takes to master your craft. Elite marketers and business leaders are always learning, acquiring new skills, tactics and strategies that help them gain a competitive advantage.

This year at Jeffalytics, we are working hard to build new courses that will rapidly advance your digital marketing capabilities. Here's a look at the new training programs we have coming your way.

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Google Tag Manager Training Course (coming in june, 2018)

Google Analytics is an amazing marketing tool. But out the box, it will only take you so far. Learning how to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) will allow you to make your web analytics 10X more effective. Using GTM, you can quickly add tracking tags to your website without any messy coding or web development.

We recently did a live full-day training in Minneapolis on GTM. In this one-day class our students learned how to:

  • Install GTM on their websites
  • Connect GTM to Google Analytics
  • Build event tracking tags for video views, page scrolling, button clicks, outbound links, lead form submissions, and downloads
  • check
    Create conversion tracking tags with dynamic variables
  • check
    Debug tags and triggers
  • check
    Use the data layer to send information to Google Analytics

But we didn't just stop at learning how to set up tags and tracking in GTM. In this unique training, we delved deep into how to deploy GTM strategically. Our students went on to learn how to:

  • Think through tagging and tracking scenarios
  • Build a simple tag management system that can grow with a business of any size
  • Evaluate the immediate impact of GTM tags and tracking using real-time data
  • check
    Test the effect of GTM tracking tags before installing them on a live site

We recorded this live training. In June we are making it available to the Jeffalytics email list!

Subscribe to our list to get access to our first ever online Google Tag Manager training course. This exclusive GTM recording will only be available for a limited time.

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LinkedIn for Lead Generation

We are teaming up with a top LinkedIn expert to create a very focused course for professional service business owners. This course will teach you LinkedIn lead generation tactics and strategies that have been proven to generate a 10 to 1 return on investment. If you want to learn how to grow your business using LinkedIn, you won't want to miss this new course. 

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Paid Search Budget Masterclass

This course will teach students how to increase the effectiveness of their PPC budgets. You'll learn how to:

  • Project highly accurate budgets for PPC marketing
  • Get buy-in from clients and decision makers to increase your PPC budget
  • Use tools and calculators to adjust or optimize your budget quickly

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Course Membership Program

Coming soon, we'll be introducing a membership program that offers monthly and yearly subscriptions to all our courses. Look for this package coming out the end of this year or early 2019.

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Data-Driven Marketing (Certification)

This past month I taught a live 30-hour data-driven marketing course at a University in Minnesota. We are working on producing an online version of this full certification class.

In this course students learn how to:

  • Use over 50 online marketing tools
  • Build digital measurement models
  • Develop full-scale monthly marketing reports
  • check
    Create custom Google Data Studio reports

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On-Page SEO

This unique course will teach you high impact SEO strategies that generate results.

We've teamed up with a leading on-page SEO expert to create this course. This expert is so good he's ranked posts comprised of mostly "lorem ipsum" copy on page 1 of Google for competitive keywords.

This class is not going to be your typical SEO training. You'll learn how to increase your rankings without pandering for links, writing 20,000 words, or buying infographics.

If you want to take back control of your SEO and gain a tactical advantage in your content marketing, then sign up to get early access to our on-page SEO course.

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Marketing Contracts, SOWs & Templates

This course is all about protecting your business interests. You'll learn how to use contracts, statements of works and templates to streamline your sales and negotiation processes.

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PPC Mastery COURSE & Analytics Course (2018 EDITION)

We are making big updates to our PPC and Analytics Courses. Our updated courses will match the latest versions of Google AdWords and Analytics. We're also adding new strategies and techniques to these already comprehensive training programs. You can join both of these courses now.  Your lifetime course membership will allow you to access our updates as soon as their released.

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