84: Playing with the House’s Money with Wil Reynolds

Today for our 84th episode, we are going to talk with Wil Reynolds, Director of Strategy & Founder at SEER Interactive.

Wil is a well known in the SEO community as an innovator, keynote speaker, and a general reality check for the industry, and I have enjoyed following his growth as a leader in the industry over the years. MnSearch has also been fortunate to have Wil join us as a keynote speaker at our annual MnSearch Summit twice over the years, and he’s been consistently among the highest rated speakers every time he goes out there.

So I was excited to strike up a conversation with Wil over Twitter a few months back after he posted an article on Medium (and I shared it).

His post was titled “enough”, and it is a must-read for anyone who is an entrepreneur or dreams of taking the plunge one day. It highlights Wil’s decision-making process as he considered an acquisition offer for his company that involved life-changing money.

View story at Medium.com

I shared the article on Twitter and to my Agency Course mailing list, and Wil actually reached out to me on Twitter after I shared his article and said he loved my twitter bio.

It seemed like the perfect time to ask Wil if he would join me on the podcast and answer my millions of questions about his business and the thoughts behind his decision. The resulting conversation was one of my all-time favorites.

See, Wil and I have both thought deeply about where we find satisfaction in our work lives. We’ve both had career success, but we’ve also wondered where else we could have the most impact. We get at some of these ideas in this episode.

Unlike most episodes, we didn’t spend a lot of time on Wil’s back story, and we got right into talking about the business side of things.

I was back in Minnesota for the recording in late December, and it was something like -15 degrees outside, which is too cold. Wil was working from home, and was on parent duty, even holding his son while recording the second half of the podcast.

That’s real entrepreneurship right there!

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Quotable moments from our talk with Wil Reynolds

On grooming your own vs bringing outside personnel:

The cockier you are as a business owner the harder it is to bring an outside person to be a leader. Click to Tweet

On agency owner’s motivation:

I wanna wake up and do the easy s**t. Click to Tweet

On a true leader’s role:

True leader's duty is to make sure not to get disrupted. Click to Tweet

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