Episode 28: Yehoshua Coren

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Today for our 28th episode, we will talk with Yehoshua Coren, the chief Ninja over at Analytics Ninja.

Yes, I just used word ninja twice to describe Yehoshua, and during this podcast you will hear how that name and brand came about.

You’ll also hear about how to break into a new industry, the importance of building a personal brand, and what it feels like when the student becomes the master.

I first met Yehoshua in Hungary at the Superweek conference. We had only interacted online up to that point. His twitter bio and online reputation had me expecting to be greeted by a rabbi from Israel.

But when he introduced himself in Hungary, he sounded a lot like a kid from Nebraska.

It turns out that both of these personas are true. He is a kid from Nebraska, a rabbi in Jerusalem and one of the smartest analytics dudes I’ve ever met.

Yehoshua and I have spent time together several times since then, and I consider him a good friend in the industry. He also knows how to show a friend a good time, and I enjoyed the guided tour he gave me of his favorite spots in Jerusalem when I visited him in June of this year.

This episode is unique in sense that you can watch the prequel of the exciting journey Yehoshua shared with us. This podcast starts where this video ends:

It’s also the first time the guest’s mouth trumpet jam was mixed into the hit song that we make as an outro for each episode.

So listen up to a conversation of friends talking about the ever-evolving landscape of web analytics. Stay for our conversations about where things will go in the future.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Yehoshua

On getting new clients:

Listening to people is the most important skill for getting new clients Click to Tweet

On the future of analytics:

The scale of the data sets and the way that algorithms will interpret them is the future of analytics Click to Tweet

On starting in the digital marketing (or any other) field:

Be humble but don't be afraid to ask questions Click to Tweet

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