82: Growing a PPC Agency with Kirk Williams

Today for our 82nd episode, we are going to talk with our second repeat guest. This time it is Kirk Williams, who you heard from on episode #26 in August of 2016.

At that time, Kirk was growing his freelancing business into an agency, and was just about to make his first hire. Since then, Kirk has grown his business and we decided to check in again and share all the progress he has made and some of the growing pains he’s experiencing as he takes ZATO to the next level.

So why are we doing a repeat guest interview here again? Because I think it’s fascinating to check in with Kirk at each stage of growth for his business. It’s not every day that you get to talk with someone who is in the middle of growing their company, and to grow up with the business.

I love the idea of checking in with Kirk every 12-18 months as he grows Zato, and I hope you will remain invested in his story as well.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Kirk Williams

On hiring:

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On social media and twitter in particular:

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On business education:

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