How to create a Google Analytics SEO dashboard

Do you want to see your most important SEO data every time you login into Google Analytics?

Are you afraid that you don’t have enough time to dig through your analytics reports every day?

Then let’s solve this problem by building a Google Analytics SEO dashboard.

Dashboards provide an easy to access and easy to share view of your analytics data. You can even import public dashboards into your account with one-click! Simply hit a button and you can be working with a pre-made Google Analytics SEO dashboard!

Where do you start building your SEO dashboard in Google Analytics?

The hard part of this process is building, or finding, the right SEO dashboard. The reason this is difficult is that Google withholds some of your best SEO data.

But there are solutions. In this video and post, we will work through how you can build an SEO dashboard for your needs. We’ll take a look at the SEO related reports inside of Google Analytics. And we’ll look at tools outside of Google Analytics that can help us get back some of the SEO data Google won’t give us.

Google Analytics SEO dashboard question

This post is inspired by a question from one of our Analytics Course students, Zoe.

Google analytics SEO dashboard questions

Let’s answer Zoe’s question, and create our own SEO dashboard.

But before we get to the potential solutions, let’s get the bad news out of the way.

Google doesn’t make SEO reporting easy

Google is not excited about helping us with our SEO reporting.  I’ve written before about how Google Analytics is not an SEO friendly tool. Ready-made SEO reports in Google Analytics are lacking, and it causes frustration for many users.

Not to be a downer, but there’s also another big problem with Google’s SEO data.

Keywords not provided

The biggest problem with SEO reporting in Google Analytics is the lack of keyword data, which is a bummer for anyone who wants to improve their SEO performance, because keywords still run the show.

The most common SEO “formula” works likes this:

Find a high quality keyword target, create great content about that keyword… Get loads of new search traffic.

But you’d never know that by looking inside of Google Analytics. SEO would be so much easier if Google shared keyword data.

This makes Google Analytics keyword reports mostly useless.

As you can see from the report below, almost 97% of our keyword data at Jeffalytics is “(not provided)!” Like I said, useless.

Where else can we look to get our Keyword data back?

Google Analytics Search Console reports

Most Google Analytics users have turned to the Search Console reports for their SEO data.

You can find your search console reports under the acquisition tab in your Google Analytics account.

Queries report

The queries report can help us see which keywords people are using to get to our website. But, this report still lacks a lot of actionable information.

This report gives us some information about how people find our website. But it doesn’t tell us what people do on our website. There are no metrics available in this report for conversions or user behavior.  So we are still missing a lot of the information a good SEO report should include.

Search queries report

Landing page report

The landing page report allows us to see how each page on our website is performing. This report displays data about search volume, user behavior, and conversions for our web pages.

This can be a very useful source of SEO information when used properly.

Landing page report

However, for most websites, the data in the landing page report does not make the actual keyword apparent.

Analyzing landing page reports

We can draw some inferences about our keywords using the landing page report. We can look at our best performing content, and relate it to the main keywords on that page. The landing page report also includes columns for user behavior and conversions.

The landing page report gets us closer to the answers we need, but we’re still missing the vital keyword data that powers SEO.

Looking at our Google Analytics reports helps us get a better idea of the quality of SEO information we have available. Now that we know what we have to work with, we can try to tie that information together in a dashboard.

Building a Google Analytics SEO dashboard

Trying to build a new SEO dashboard in Google Analytics can be a bit troublesome. Many of the SEO metrics we want in our dashboard are unavailable. Google will not let us add keywords or queries into our dashboard.

Google analytics dashboard

Once again, the functionality that Google removed is causing problems for our SEO analysis.

Importing a pre-created dashboard offers us a quicker solution to this problem.

Importing SEO Dashboards

Here’s an SEO dashboard you can import

Here’s an example of an SEO dashboard I’ve been using for a while. This dashboard integrates well with ecommerce focused websites. If you want to test my SEO dashboard in your account, you can import it by clicking below.

Google Analytics SEO dashboard

SEO Dashboard

Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

The best curated source of pre-built dashboards is the Google Analytics Solutions gallery.

You can access the Solutions gallery by choosing to create a new dashboard. Then select the “Import from Gallery” option.

Google Analytics dashboard gallery

Once you’re in the gallery, type SEO into the search field. Google will then show you dashboards that have been designed specifically for SEO.

Google Analytics SEO dashboard

Many of the dashboards in the gallery haven’t been updated for 5+ years, though. But you may still be able to use them and get some utility.

If you find a dashboard you want to use, you can import it in your own account. Google Analytics will then display your data using the dashboard you selected from the gallery.

The Solutions Gallery SEO dashboards can be outdated and rigid

Many of the SEO dashboards in the gallery still feature keywords in their report. When you import them into your account, you’ll immediately notice this data is not available.

SEO Dashboard Keywords not available

The gallery dashboards can be helpful, but they will take some trial and error. And as I mentioned, many of them are outdated.

The reason these dashboards are outdated? Most people have moved over to Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio

Google Data studio features a very appealing and functional interface for creating dashboards.

Google Data Studio

As you login into Google data studio, you’ll notice a ready-made Search Console report. You can connect Data Studio to your analytics account to use this report.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, you can import your data into the Search Console dashboard. You can also use Google Data Studio to customize this dashboard.

This is something that could be the subject of its own tutorial. If you want to see me build an SEO dashboard in Google Search Console, leave a comment! 

Get your keywords data back

There is another solution we can use to help us create our SEO dashboard in Google Analytics.

Keyword hero is an SEO tool that promises to put your keyword data back in your account. This tool offers to crunch the SEO numbers for you and put 95% of your keyword data back into your Google Analytics account.

Pretty impressive!

Keyword Hero (beta)

Keyword Hero could potentially help us build a great Google Analytics SEO dashboard.

Of course, I’m a bit skeptical of this tool. Why? Because of some comments that the Keyword Hero team has made toward SEO community members when the data comes into question. Instead of taking a calm approach to criticism, they tend to be defensive with their responses. I’ll leave it there for now.

Google Analytics SEO dashboard solutions

Essentially we have three levels of solutions for creating an SEO dashboard in Google Analytics.

  1. Dashboard Gallery Imports:  We can import an existing SEO dashboard from the Solutions Gallery.
  2. Google Data Studio: We can get a little more advanced, and graduate to using Google data studio.
  3. Third-party Tools: We can integrate with a third party tool like Keyword Hero to help us create a detailed SEO dashboard.

Leave a comment

Our community of up and coming Google Analytics experts is always eager to learn more. What solutions do you use for Google Analytics SEO reporting? Leave a comment below with your best Google Analytics SEO tip!

Learn how to use Google Data Studio

Did this post fail to satiate your need for more Analytics skills? No worries. We can take this a step further.

I am willing to turn this into a two-part SEO dashboard series. If you want me to write a post about creating dashboards in Google Data Studio, then leave a comment below.

If there’s enough interest, we’ll do an entire video and post on learning how to use Google Data Studio.

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